A YourHomeBid.com Success Story

  • 2 years ago
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How those just like you used YourHomeBid.com.com and came out on top.

A listing goes active for $485,000. The real estate agent received many offers higher than that listing price, including an excited couple’s offer of $490,000 thinking their above-ask offer would be accepted. But, after seeing the other offers on YourHomeBid.com.com, the highest offer received so far was $530,000 from another individual. The couple knew they needed to come up to secure the home for themselves after getting the insight needed. The couple increased their offer to $535,000 and now live in their dream home. The agent took a $485,000 listing and presented the seller with a $50,000 over-ask offer. The agent increased his commission earnings by $1750 using our platform.

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