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Get exactly what you want in a new way. Making the real estate experience better for everyone all around means simplifying the process. What does this look like for you? When competitiveness and timeliness are improved, outcomes become better than ever. Prior to, a real estate agent would put in an offer, and wait. Wait some more. Keep waiting. You know the drill. The wait time for a response can be weeks. Weeks without knowing if the offer placed is even competitive or not. As time goes on, the chances get slimmer and slimmer.

Through, the waiting game is over, Here is a platform that allows you to see all the back-end details. It’s now a different story. The seller formulates their priorities, and then offers are graded based on who matches those priorities best, connecting the best buyer to the seller’s requirements. When the offers are ready for review, those offers based on the seller’s needs and wants are displayed by the most applicable to the least applicable matches. Once those offers are reviewed, any offer that is denied, will send the buying agent a notification that their offer is no longer in consideration. This gives them the option to edit their offer or move on. It allows them to continue on to the next property for their buyer without waiting days or weeks to be informed of the offer that got accepted and theirs is not the one. With the seller’s permission, the offer is disclosed and all participating parties are satisfied.

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You’ve heard them all. The horror stories of the current real estate market. Not wanting to be one of the statistics, you’re looking for the answers to your questions to help you make one of the most impactful financial decisions of your life. How many offers am I competing against? Will my offer ever be accepted for my dream home? With so many platforms and opinions, you need the facts and you need them, well, yesterday. was built with you in mind. Built by an agent, created for all. Thinking of the buyer, seller and agents on both sides, a solution has finally been produced that answers all of your questions in one place. This is a website platform that helps sellers reach their goals and helps buyers have a higher likelihood of getting their dream home. Listing agents now have the opportunity to consolidate offers which saves time so they can focus more on the customer experience. You know the saying. Time is money and money is time. For the buyer’s agent, the opportunity can sometimes be missed due to timeliness. But with this platform, a client can be informed in real time of their real estate opportunity. Check out the listings, explore the features and, please, make yourself at home. (No need to take your shoes off.)

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Listings and Offers

It helps to have another set of eyes look over the offers for accuracy. To save you time, your phone calls and messages for one property can be consolidated. The best part? You can see right away if you stand a chance on a listing. Who doesn’t love the sound of that.

Upload documentation

Paperwork is hard. We make it easy. Upload your documents safely and securely with the peace of mind that everything will be handled properly. This feature allows everything to be in one place, so there is no longer a need to go back and forth.

Get Status Updates

Receive timely statuses on offers like never before. Putting you at the center, you can now be present and involved in the transaction with more transparency throughout the process. No one likes to be in the dark, especially for important matters.

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Frequently asked questions

Prices are as low as 25 dollars. Prices may vary based on your relationship to the deal.

This is a tool for the totality of the real estate process. Whether you are the seller, buyer or the agent, the stress is taken out of the equation. Nothing in real estate is easy, but this service truly creates a less complicated experience for all.

Yes, we have taken the back and forth out of the process by allowing you access to most of the information on the offers. This allows you to quickly log in to check, without having to outreach. Please note: At the deadline the agent will go over the best offers with you.

Yes, throughout the process you will be in control and will be notified that your offer is being beat. This is important so that you know when you will need to bring your offer higher than the others. To avoid realizing at the end of a deal that your offer was not high enough, you will be able to proactively remain in control.

Yes, you are allowed as long as the seller permits you to disclose all of the offers entirely. All listings require a seller’s signature to consent.

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